10 use for my iPad and related apps

10 use for my iPad and related apps

That question have been asked so many times, more recently by @tinkeyeh, that I have to post a selection.

I have been using my iPad (1, 2, new) for more than two years now and used it in so many diffrent situations and for so many purposes that I narrowed that question to a more important one: What is my iPad for ? I selected 10 use for it but I did not go into Gaming or Sports, because that’s not my thing.

This a work in progress and I certainly would like to read about your suggestions.

Usage 1: Read books, and magazine

eBooks:  kindle, Stanza, Kobo

eMagazine: Wired, NYT, Popular Science, National Geographic, The Economist, Food & Wine, Le Monde

Usage 2: Watch a movie or listen to Music or Radio

play video files: Azul, VLC, Air Video (requires to install a software on your PC or MAC to stream your video files)

Radio: LiveRadio, Nova, Hype Radio, NPR

Music: Spotify

Usage 3: Take notes

Notability, Evernote (need to open a cloud account)

Usage 4: Store and Read Files

DocsAnywhere, AirSharing (read zip files)

Usage 5: Social Media

tweetbot (much better than the twitter regular app), and of course: FaceBook, Linked in, skype

Usage 6 : Geeky, techy things

Astronomy: StarMap

Network: Scany,


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